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Quality Policy

Quality Policy, IT Services, Information Security, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety

The main mission of SII Group Spain (SII Concatel S.L) is to provide solutions, and services based on SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE. To fulfill this mission, the Management has decided to implement a Quality, Services, Environment, and Health and Safety Plan to establish a Quality Assurance System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO-9001:2015, UNE-EN 9100:2018, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, UNE-EN-ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 standards.

The Management thus assumes the responsibility and priority objectives of implementing the Plan and designing, developing, and maintaining this Quality Assurance System, Services, Information Security, Environment, and Health and Safety at Work, providing the necessary resources as required.

The fundamental objectives of this Quality, Services, Information Security, Environment, and Health and Safety at Work Plan are to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by determining and fulfilling the requirements set forth and adapting to the use of our services. The prevention of any non-conformity is established as a priority in the system so that the absence of defects or their early detection and our customer orientation allow us to permanently hold a prominent position as a company dedicated to SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURES.

Through this document, the Management wishes to convey to all members of the SII Group Spain the commitment made in Quality, Services, Information Security, Environment, and Health and Safety at Work Policy and extends this request for cooperation to all suppliers, collaborators, customers, partners, and associates in order to provide defect-free services, always to the full satisfaction of those who will use them.

The commitment that we, as General Management, assume is to maintain the focus on continuous improvement related to the progress of this company and all its collaborators, as well as to guarantee its quality throughout the SII Group Spain service chain with the technical, scientific, and professional rigor required, oriented towards competitive, business, and human development.

Likewise, SII Group Spain also has as fundamental principles the preservation of the environment, the environment, the well-being, safety, and health at work of its professionals; therefore, quantitative objectives are established annually in these matters. Consequently, we express and assume the following commitments and principles:

Consequently, we declare and assume the following commitments and principles:

  • Conduct all activities related to SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE in a way that positively contributes to the environmental performance associated with its processes and facilities, with special attention to the protection of the environment, its customers, and the general public.
  • Carry out all activities related to SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE while continuously monitoring all necessary measures to ensure optimal conditions of safety and health at work for our employees and all our collaborators.

For this reason, I rely on the commitment of everyone in this company to fulfill this mission and its core tool, the Quality, Services, Information Security, Environment, and Health and Safety at Work Assurance System, and I express the conviction that:

  • Quality means knowing our customer, their needs, and expectations. A satisfied customer is the company’s most important asset; their loyalty is our main competitive advantage.
  • Quality means adapting to the needs of our customers and offering solid and secure products and services that can prevent future incidents.
  • Achieving maximum quality will always be a continuous objective of SII Group Spain. We will learn from mistakes to improve, and we will make every effort to identify the causes that led to them to prevent their recurrence.
  • Continue to care for our regular customers and grow step by step without compromising the quality of our services, thus consolidating our position in our sector.
  • Improve in all business areas to provide better service and meet our customers’ expectations, satisfying their needs at all times on a secure infrastructure in compliance with Information Security, Information Society Services, and Electronic Commerce legislation, and all regulations related to the services provided.
  • Reduce and manage waste and emissions production and resource consumption (materials, fuels, and energy).
  • Maintain ongoing compliance with legislation by collaborating with the competent authorities in environmental and occupational health and safety matters and other legal requirements subscribed by the Company.
  • Continuously improve through the evolution of the implemented Management Systems (Environment, Health and Safety, Quality, and Information Security).
  • Protect the environment, prevent pollution.
  • Promote training for all workers.
  • Involve our Suppliers in environmental care and good practices. Promote rational use and energy savings among users and society in general.
  • Prevent harm and health deterioration of our employees, of work carried out on our behalf and for ourselves, providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and health deterioration. Commit to eliminating hazards and reducing risks to occupational health and safety.
  • Promote training and information, as well as the participation of all workers in the Safety and Health Management system.
  • Continuous improvement through systematic evaluation of the Safety and Health Management system.
  • Encourage communication at all levels of the company to convey concerns that affect the well-being of workers. Commit to consulting and involving workers and their representatives.
  • Verify the use of products that meet legal requirements and review their expiration dates.

The Management has the ultimate responsibility for achieving the proposed Quality Objectives, and in this regard, all necessary human, material, and economic resources are provided to achieve them, strictly complying with legal requirements. Likewise, the Management supports and provides all the means and resources necessary for environmental care and for the continuous improvement of safety and health during work.

General Management,

January 2024.