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Xavier de Obes: CEO – Country Managing Director – SII Group Spain

Xavier De Obes

CEO – Country Managing Director – SII Group Spain

We Are ONE Team

At SII Group Spain we face daily challenges of digital transformation and innovation together with our FUNgineers and customers around the world. We are a cohesive team with a shared goal of creating a scenario where quality, innovation, experience, effort, teamwork, inclusion and proactivity are a constant.

We work every day to be able to attract the best talent and create employee loyalty.  We take care of people who are part of SII Group Spain’s family and we care about their well-being, both personal and professional. That is why we involve them in our actions and celebrate all our successes together.

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility through the 2030 Agenda and we always act in favor of the development of technologies that respect the environment and society. Under this premise, we align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals, and ensure that all those organizations, agencies and people who, in one way or another are involved in our business activity, feel aligned with these principles. Our goal is to achieve, through technology and engineering, the development of a fair, sustainable, inclusive, equal and respectful society.

IT & Engineering around the world

SII Group advocates for the autonomy of its agencies across the 21 countries where we are present. This policy is based on the objective of being able to offer the best solutions for the transnational needs of our clients, as well as for local challenges. Likewise, this organization facilitates the management of our teams, ensuring the delivery of our centers of expertise.

In the case of Spain, we are organized into two agencies, West & East Agency, located in the main cities of our country.

Sara Gómez: Directora West Agency – SII Group Spain

Sara Gómez García

West Agency Director – SII Group Spain