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The IT sector is establishing itself as a generator of opportunities not only in terms of employment and business creation, but also as a key element in the social and economic change linked to digitalization that we have been experiencing for many years now, and that is evolving exponentially

IT sector as an economic and social engine

The latest data published by INE show that the IT sector in our country (in 2020) was one of the few sectors of activity that continued to grow, albeit timidly, during the pandemic, reaching a 0.9% increase in business activity.

From the point of view of employment, as shown in the recent report by ONTSI, the technology sector represents a workforce of 2.8% of the total in our country.

If we analyze what has happened in the last decade, we can see that the technology sector has contributed positively to employment growth. Between 2011 and 2020, total employment in Spain has grown by 5.2%, while in the technology sector, the growth has been three times higher, 21%, contributing to more than 94,000 jobs.

IT sector as a transforming element

The numbers show us that the technological ecosystem has become a transforming element that has helped the other sectors of activity in the country to face the challenges of this new and complex reality.

For this reason, as a company that offers IT services, we understand that we are helping to transform organizations. More and more organizations from any sector of activity are making the decision to create an internal IT department or add value to their decision-making by outsourcing these services.

The data obtained in the latest edition of the CTecno 2021 Barometer, which analyzes the IT sector in Catalonia, one of the territories where the IT sector is strongest, allows us to see that companies that have an IT department show forecasts of significantly more favorable billing than those that do not.

Challenge: strengthen the ecosystem

The goal of the European Commission is the group of IT specialists to account for 10% of total employment in 2030, and the Government of Spain has set itself the goal of increasing 20,000 the number of specialists in cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and data until 2025”.

For this, it will be necessary to find companies that offer 360º IT services and that can meet the needs of those companies that are going to have to join the social and economic change linked to digitization. The trend in the sector and the objectives for the coming years show us the importance of working with a specialized and reliable IT provider.