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A few weeks ago, it was six years since the approval by 193 countries of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, an essential part of the agreement. In SII Group Spain, as members of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact, we seek, on these important dates, to reaffirm our commitment until the three main goals of these objectives are met: end extreme poverty, fight inequality and combat climate change.

We are aware of the importance of these Sustainable Development Goals and that is why we seek that our activity is fully aligned with their requirements. We make sure to work with people, organizations and companies that share this commitment with us and we try to adapt and improve our activity day by day to actively influence and support its compliance.

Although our main objective is to contribute to the 17 SDGs, we know that due to the nature of our activity we can be more relevant in some that in others. Thus, being aware of this, we actively work on those objectives in which we believe that the company can make a difference.

Along with the celebration of the six years of the approval of the SDGs, in SII Group Spain we also want to celebrate that our dedication has allowed us to impact on a grater number of SDGs, already achieving an active commitment for more than 70% of these.

Thus, at SII Group Spain we respond to these objectives through different concrete actions, ways of working or business ethics.

SII Group Spain y los ODS

We take care of our own

We take care of the health and well-being of our workers through our own Prevention service, and, in addition, we regularly launch healthy initiatives that contribute to improving their health habits. We work with socially responsible and sustainable suppliers with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. In addition, we base our activity on respect and justice, and we have a Code of Ethics that regulates our actions, as well as those of our customers, suppliers and other collaborators.

We are committed to society

With the aim of reducing social and economic inequalities, ensuring that all people have a decent job, and fighting for real equality between people, we have an Equality Plan that governs ouractions, and we also collaborate with various entities in the third sector such as Fundación Cares or Codec, which work for the inclusion in the labor market of people at risk of exclusion. In addition, we participate in various social initiatives to which we contribute, through our technological expertise, to the reduction of social inequalities.

We are sustainable

We contribute to the environment through our daily activity, both in our business activity and in our day to day. Thus, we have several certifications that guarantee our commitment, among which is Ecovadis. Also, as a key part of our commitment, we are always committed to Innovation and allocating a part of our resources to R + D + i with the aim of developing sustainabletechnology.

Thus, we create and maintain alliances with suppliers, customers and collaborators whose nature allows us to have a greater impact on all objectives.

We continue to work tirelessly to build, together, a more just, respectful, egalitarian and sustainable world.