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SII Group Spain has obtained the Achilles Gold Sustainability Certificate, a recognition that evaluates and accredits our performance in issues of organizational governance, social and community and environmental aspects.

This new sustainability certification reaffirms our commitment as global service providers, evaluating, in the first place, the governance of the organization. At SII Group Spain we base our activity on transparency and trust towards customers and employees, we create a worker-centered environment, and we have different committees which guarantee good organizational practices and compliance with the Code of Ethics.

Secondly, this certification rewards our strong commitment to social issues and environment, which is evidenced through our support to initiatives and organizations that promote environmental care, people equality and integration, compliance with Human Rights and development of sustainable technologies.

SII Group Spain y Achilles

Likewise, Social Responsibility is a fundamental pillar on which we build our business activity. For this reason, we are part of the Spanish Network for the United Nations Global Compact and we have the EcoVadis Platinum Certification, regarding sustainability and CSR standards.

The Achilles Gold Sustainability Certification is added to our previous recognitions and endorses us once again as committed suppliers to our values in front of our clients and stakeholders. From SII Group Spain we appreciate the effort and commitment of all our collaborators for helping us to obtain a new sustainability recognition.