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SII Group Spain demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through numerous actions in favour of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030. In addition, the company has achieved the Great Place to Work certification and consolidated its responsibility towards equality, with 9% more women in its organisation than the average for the ICT sector.

SII Group Spain reflects the latest progress made in terms of sustainability, which demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to sustainable development. We are in a period of recovery and post-pandemic growth in which the company has resumed the projects and objectives planned before the COVID-19 crisis.

In this way, SII Group Spain has made significant progress in environmental aspects (reduction of CO2 emissions and reduction of paper and water consumption), good management with its employees (Great Place to Work certificate and creation of the FUNgenieur Campus), ethical commitment and equality (28% of women in its workforce).

“At SII Group Spain, we want to reiterate our commitment to society. We seek to achieve, through technology, the development of a more sustainable, fair, inclusive, egalitarian and respectful society, as we are convinced that this is the way to achieve a better future”, assures the management of the IT consultancy firm.

Actions to promote the SDGs

One of SII Group Spain’s strengths in terms of sustainability has been the actions taken to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. This is a summary of some of them:

SDG 1 [End Poverty] – SDG 2 [Zero Hunger]: Collection of more than 800 kg of food from employees for donation to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).

SDG 3 [Health and well-being]: Implementation of healthy campaigns and renewal of ISO 45001, the occupational health and safety certificate. This certificate was first obtained in 2011 and the company has been successfully renewing it until today.

SDG 4 [Quality education]: Financial aid in the form of scholarships and mentoring for students in Apadrina TIC, the solidarity initiative led by CTecno.

SDG 5 [Gender equality]: We enshrined the company’s Equality Plan by promoting equal opportunities in all areas. Currently, women make up 28% of SII Group Spain employees, which is 9% more than the ICT sector average.

SDG 8 [Decent work and economic growth]: Donation of ICT material to the CARES Foundation, of which SII Group Spain has been a patron since 2004, with the aim of improving the labour insertion of people with different abilities and/or at risk of exclusion.

SDG 9 [Industry, innovation and infrastructure]: Investment in Research and Development and participation in 5 of the most important European projects dedicated to R&D&I.

SDG 10 [Reducing inequalities]: Collaborations with organisations such as Caritas, FESBAL or CTecno to reduce the digital divide and democratise access to technological knowledge for different sectors of the population.

SDG 12 [Responsible Consumption and Production]: 87% of the company’s suppliers are national and/or local suppliers who are required to meet environmental quality standards.

SDG 14 [Underwater Life]: Information campaign for the participation of employees as volunteers at CRAM, the Marine Animal Recovery Centre.

These are just some of the most noteworthy actions that demonstrate the company’s commitment to 82% of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Commitment to sustainability

One of the premises set is to contribute to mitigating climate change by reducing the ecological impact of the company’s actions. For this reason, in recent years CO2 emissions have been reduced by more than 85% and water consumption has been reduced by 77% and paper consumption by 55%.

The IT consultancy firm has also developed awareness campaigns for its employees, established mechanisms to measure printing on paper, as well as the establishment of recycling containers in all its centres and the installation of solar panels at its headquarters in Barcelona.

All this has contributed to SII Group Spain achieving the Ecovadis Platinum Certification in 2021, for the second consecutive year, an international recognition that accredits it as a benchmark company in terms of sustainability standards and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Also, this year SII Group Spain has been included in the CDP (Climate Disclosure Project) Ranking, an annual report carried out by this organisation, which represents one of the world’s benchmark standards in sustainability.

The importance of people

In March 2022, SII Group Spain was certified as a Great Place to Work in Spain, one of the most prestigious national and international awards given annually to the best employers in the world.

More than 83% of the company’s employees stated facts such as:

  • They are treated well regardless of their position.
  • They are proud when they achieve their goals.
  • Their superiors trust them to do a good job without the need to be or feel watched.
  • They felt welcome when they joined the company.

In terms of working conditions, 80% of the contracts signed last year were permanent and training hours were increased by 76% compared to the previous period.

In addition, one of the key points in the commitment to employee welfare has been the creation of the FUNgenieur Campus, SII Group Spain’s knowledge laboratory where employees can develop their technical skills, leadership and soft skills.

Among the different actions are personalised Training Plans, Open Sessions with a social and disruptive focus, Emotional Gym to work on emotional intelligence, Career Plans, the immersive Bootcamp programme and the Talent blog where you can discover articles of interest on the topics covered in the Campus.