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The positive dynamics of the SII Group has finally resulted in an annual growth of 27%. That number is well above the general growth of the sector. Thus, the SII Group closes its fiscal year with a turnover of €828.86M.

During the past fiscal year, 2021-2022, and despite the still present consequences of the health crisis and the geopolitical situation, the SII Group has achieved a turnover of 828.9 million euros. This figure represents 27% more than the previous period.

Eric Matteucci, president of the SII Group, affirms that…

“This final quarter underlines the very good performance achieved quarter after quarter. This 2021-2022 financial year has seen a remarkable performance that is clearly above sector growth. In a context where the digital market is developing at a steady pace, the whole SII group has taken full advantage of opportunities on all its markets and geographical sectors. Above all, this success reflects the work of all our teams and demonstrates the trust our clients place in us. It also fuels our future ambitions.”

Resultados anuales en cifras del Grupo SII 2021-2022

*excluding acquisitions and the effect of exchange rate (2020-2021 exchange rates applied to 2021-2022 revenue)

France achieves record growth, above the results of the sector

France has achieved an annual turnover of 383.4 million euros, 21.5% more than the same period in the previous year. Only in the fourth, 110.1 million euros have been reached, with a growth of 19.9% compared to the same quarter of the previous period,


SII Group Spain consolidates his growing trend with an annual growth of 27.9%

Internationally, the SII Group has registered a 31.5% growth compared to the previous period. A growth to which SII Group Spain has contributed with a growth ratio of 27.9% compared to the previous period. Along with us, there are many Group subsidiaries that have registered growth rates, such as Poland (+33.8%), Germany (+1.0%), Romania (+58.7%), Chile (+41, 8%), Belgium (+89.9% of which 10.2% like for like), Canada (+31.2%), UK (+46.3%), Morocco (+45.4%) , the Czech Republic (+62.4%), the Netherlands (+10.0%) and Colombia (+22.1%).

Another year, we have exceeded the growth targets set for this period, resulting from an improvement in the operating margin compared to the level prior to the health crisis.

Future perspectives

For the next fiscal year, the SII Group seeks to continue in the current line, with significant organic growth. However, in an unstable and unpredictable context such as the current one, the Group remains alert to factors that could slow down its momentum.