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SII Group maintains the positive dynamics of recent years and, in the first half of fiscal year 2022/2023, continues to strengthen with a growth of 26.8% compared to the previous period. This translates into 477.2 million euros.

Eric Matteucci, President of the Board of Directors, says: “The first half of the 2022-2023 financial year was in line with the previous financial year and therefore recorded a remarkable performance. Our teams have been able to take advantage of a demand that is still at high levels and the results demonstrate the SII Group’s relevance within the sector”.

SII Group turnover

During the first two quarters of the fiscal year, the SII Group achieved revenues of 238.45 million euros and 238.75 million euros, respectively. This equates to revenues of 477.2 million euros for the first half of the financial year 2022-2023, which translates into a growth of 26.8% compared to the previous year.

In France, the SII Group recorded revenues of 97.2 million euros during this second quarter and thus recorded organic growth at the same level as in the first quarter. In total, for the whole half year, the turnover achieved in France amounted to 199.2 million euros. Internationally, the SII Group recorded quarterly revenues of 141.5 million euros, up 40.2% at constant exchange rates compared to the second quarter of the previous year.

The first half results are in line with the outlook and confirm the target of an operating margin of 9-10%. In this regard, if there are no major changes in the health, geopolitical and economic situation, the third quarter is expected to show organic growth of more than 15%.