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We are pleased to announce that as of today, SII Concatel will be known as SII Group Spain. This change is part of our growth and business development strategy.

We have fully integrated with SII Group, our parent company since 2009. SII Group is present in more than 18 countries and has nearly 15,000 employees. During its first three quarters of the 22-23 fiscal year, SII Group saw a 25.1% increase in revenue compared to the previous period, which closed with €828.9M.

The rebranding represents an important step forward in our ongoing efforts to expand our global reach and better serve our clients in Spain and the rest of Europe.

At SII Group Spain, we will continue to provide a wide range of digital and IT services, engineering, consulting, and BPO for clients in various industries, such as aeronautics, banking, transportation and telecommunications, among others.

Furthermore, this growth strategy will drive our expansion into new markets, strengthen our position in the local market, and enable us to offer innovative and personalized solutions.

“This rebranding represents a new phase of growth and development for SII Group Spain and is a natural evolution of our relationship with SII Group,” said Xavier de Obes, CEO of the company. “This integration reflects our common identity and shared vision, as well as our commitment to continued growth and innovation, and will allow us to better align with SII Group and leverage their global resources and experience.”

At SII Group Spain, we will continue to uphold our commitment to offering customers the same level of quality and personalized service that has characterized us thus far, and we will maintain the same corporate culture and identity.

We are SII Group Spain

About SII Group Spain:

At SII Group Spain, we offer digital and IT services, engineering, consulting, and BPO, responding to all types of industries and sectors, and offering a comprehensive value proposition to tackle digital transformation and innovation challenges. A value proposition based on our three pillars: people, considered the central axis of the strategy, business development, and commitment to sustainability.

Our headquarters are located in Barcelona, and we operate from two strategic agencies in Barcelona and Madrid, serving national and international clients.