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Annual revenue at €560.9m for fiscal 2017-2018 exceeds guidance. Growth remains sustained at 27.8 percent, including organic growth of 15.6 percent.

Management board chairman Eric Matteucci commented that “The SII Group’s revenue for the year was up 27.8 percent to €560.9 million, exceeding our target of €545 million. Organic growth reached 15.6 percent, well above the average for our sector. Results for the fourth quarter were in line with those of the first nine months of the year. I wish to thank all our teams, in France and abroad, for their strong commitment, and all our clients who have remained loyal to us for many years. Our results confirm the fact that we have followed the right strategy and make us confident about the continued development of the SII Group.”

financial results table sii group 2017-2018

The SII Group reported revenue of €560.9m for the year ended March 31, 2018, exceeding its own forecast and up 27.8 percent from fiscal 2016-2017.

Feel Europe, whose full results were included in consolidation for the first time, contributed revenue of €53.9m (including organic growth of €4.6m). For the year as a whole, organic growth amounted to 15.6 percent, a remarkable result given that the period had significantly fewer working days (5 less than in fiscal 2016-2017).

Marked growth in France

Business in France generated revenue of €314.97m. Excellent results in the Group’s traditional lines of business combined with the addition of Feel Europe to produce growth of 33.8 percent there, including organic growth of 12.8 percent.

In the last quarter of the fiscal year, sales reached €87.73m, a 26.5-percent improvement (including 13.2 percent on a like-for-like basis) over the same period in fiscal 2016-2017.

Continued expansion of international operations

Revenue from international operations increased by 20.9 percent (of which 19.4 percent was organic growth) from the previous year, to €245.93m. Business in Poland, which accounted for 21.6 percent of the Group’s annual revenue, continued to grow significantly (by 35 percent to €121.3m for the year). In Germany, where revenue was unchanged during the first half, it finished the year up 9 percent, helped in part by expanded activities and a favorable base effect for Cadcon’s traditional business. Revenue in Spain was up 7 percent for the year. Operations in other countries also contributed to growth, including in Romania (up 12 percent), Canada (up 249 percent), Morocco (up 69 percent), Colombia (up 34 percent) and The Netherlands (up 26 percent).

In the fourth quarter alone, revenue from international operations rose by 23.5 percent to €68.01m, largely due to organic growth of 20.1 percent.