FUNgenieur Campus

Our knowledge laboratory

FUNgenieur Campus is the knowledge engine in SII Group Spain. It is the laboratory that makes knowledge flow constantly between people, and where they can develop their technical skills, their leadership capacity and also soft skills. At our FUNgenieur Campus, you will never stop learning and training.

What can we offer you?

We work on soft and hard skills through customized training itineraries for each one who is part of our team. Thus, each person can learn different skills adapted to specific needs: leadership, people development, Agile methodologies, project management, etc.

At Fungenieur Campus people can find specific trainings on different topics related to IT or  other different specific business areas, usually with a more social and disruptive approach.

We know that not everything is code. At Fungenieur Campus you will also find an emotional gym designed to work our emotional intelligence and train us in the necessary skills to be more assertive and promote our health and emotional well-being.

We offer a Career Plan for all the people who become part of our team. A program linked to FUNgenieur Campus through which our employees’ needs and aspirations are defined in the short and medium term, with the aim of developing a relationship of trust and mutual support between SII Group Spain and our FUNgenieurs.

If you are young and have just finished your studies, at SII Group Spain you will find a shuttle to the professional world that will combine work and learning to become a true professional. One of the main advantages of our Bootcamp is that it is an immersive program where our new FUNgenieurs become part of a project and learn based on experience and practice.

Why SII Group Spain?

We are Great Place To Work

We offer continuous training at the FUNgenieur Campus

We work with quality, effort and believe in teamwork

We are flexible and offer social benefits

We are approved by large companies, most of IBEX 35

We are sustainable and committed to the 2030 Agenda

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