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FUNgineer Campus

Our knowledge laboratory

A knowledge laboratory

FUNgineer Campus is the knowledge engine at SII Group Spain. It is the laboratory that ensures the constant flow of knowledge among individuals, enabling them to develop their technical skills, leadership abilities, and soft skills. In our FUNgineer Campus, you will never stop learning and growing.

Career SII Group Spain

Soft Skills

You will work on your social skills and attitudes to face everyday challenges at SII Group Spain in the most positive and productive way. We will help you enhance skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, stress management, empathy, and decision-making.

Hard Skills

You will develop your professional and technical competencies to carry out your work more effectively. We will help you improve and develop your skills in the areas you desire, such as languages, hypercube methodology, SCRUM, ITIL, Excel, cybersecurity, and BeAgile.

How do we do it?


Training Plan

We work on both soft and hard skills based on personalized training itineraries for each individual in our team. This way, each person is unique and works on and learns competencies tailored to their needs, such as leadership, people development, agile methodologies, project management, etc.


Open Sessions

On our Campus, you will also find one-time or periodic training sessions on various topics related to IT, engineering, or some of our specific business areas, usually with a social and disruptive focus.


Emotional Gym

We know that not everything is code. At FUNgineer Campus, you will also find a gym designed to work on emotional intelligence and train the skills necessary to be more assertive and promote our emotional health and well-being.

Are you a student? We invest in your future

If you are a young graduate, at SII Group Spain, you will find a launchpad into the job market that combines work and learning to shape you into a true professional.

For this purpose, we offer a Bootcamp, an immersive program where our new FUNgineers become part of a project and learn through experience and practice.

The Bootcamp provides an immersion in continuous learning of the most advanced technologies, offering students a unique opportunity to enter the workforce through real projects.

Moreover, with the possibility of remote internships and flexible hours, FUNgineers participating in this program learn by doing, guided by experienced professionals who support their development. Throughout this process, a mentor provides constant support, facilitating the learning journey and professional growth.

Are you an experienced professional? We take your career to the next level

If you are looking for the next professional challenge, you have come to the right place. At SII Group Spain, we provide you with the development environment you need and guide you in your professional growth and evolution, taking into account your preferences, profile, and needs.

Furthermore, we offer a Career Plan for all individuals who join our team. This program is linked to FUNgineer Campus, through which we define their short and medium-term needs and aspirations, aiming to develop a relationship of trust and mutual support between SII Group Spain and our FUNgineers.

Moreover, thanks to our training programs, you can enhance your skills and make a difference by working with a team of experts in various sectors and technologies. With this personalized program, we help you drive your growth and reach your full professional potential.

Find the job of your dreams

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